One day online Vastu Certificate Course:

Saturday: 10:00 am to 1:00pm
                2:00pm to 5:00 pm
Student who complete this course will be qualified as "Vastu consultant" and will receive certificate.
Course details:

001 Vastu Land review requirement
Shape of the land
•Slope of the land
•Road around the land
•Location of water body on or around the          land
•vegetable on the land

002 Why use true-north instead megnetic north

003 As per Vastu, right location of thev           house

004 Learn Pyramid-Vastu remedies for             existing building
How to correct energy of wrong location of the function in the house. How to locate center or Brahmasthan of the house or apartment and activate

005 As per Vastu, how to layout furniture in living room, kitchen, bed rooms and utility room
egnetic  north

a006 Color selection of each room in the house, color of curtain, flooring,wall, light fixtures and more...

007 Vastu Puja ceremony for land. main entrance and at coplition of the house or building

We promise:
After attending our this course, you will be able to start practice as a "Vastu consultant"
You can register any week by calling 641.469.6307