8. Design slope of the roof and ceiling as per Vastu

9. Propose color of walls, ceiling and floors as per Vastu

10. Propose each nontoxic building and finishes material as per Vastu

VGBS will provide following proposed Home Design Services:

Land Vastu valuation:

1. Review site condition including orientation of land, orientation of road,  location of water body such as water well, river. Sea and crick. Also location of septic tank location of sewer and location of fresh water supply.

Vastu Home design services:

2. Orientation of proposed house

3. Proportion of proposed house plan with over's Jyotish information

3. Design of floor plan: Location of each function and it's orientation in relation to Brahmasthan

4. Orientation of each furniture within each room and it's location

5. Design Vastu cosmic greed layout as per Vastu knowledge

6. Each wall, column, door and window location planed as per Vastu principles

7. Location of main entrance and direction of it's opening