Design criteria:

Due to land size restrain, design of this custom home was only possible by connecting garage and house. Such design need to be designed without compromising Vastu principles.

With help of client's Jyotish chart, Garage was detached with two walls and calculated distance with Vastu formula between two proposed walls from proposed main house. This way garage was detached from main house with help of Vastu knowledge.

Nontoxic and not-outgassing materials:

Our VGBS company since 1992, educate clients to use nontoxic and outgassing materials in proposed buildings. Two main reasons. First is to protect health of occupant of design building and second is Vastu recommendation.

2000 years a go all scripture writen for Vastu knowledge did not mention about toxic materials not to use. Reason was they used material like clay.lime, stone, sun baked bricks and marble. Today, building construction is using 80% of toxic materials.
This is the reason why this custom home is designed and constructed with earth clay blocks. (earth, silt and sand)